Privacy, GDPR & FAQ

Your privacy is extremely important to us at Look! A Singh! and while we would love to showcase all Singhs in Media we understand that you may not like to have your picture on our site & social media sites.

If you would like yourself removing please get in touch via the following methods

Twitter: @LookASingh

Q: I know someone on here who don't want to have their picture posted.
A: No problem, get in touch with the methods shown above and we'll remove the picture from our sites asap.

Q: Dude... I've sent you a picture like 10,00 times but you haven't posted it... Why not?
A: We may not have posted your image due to the following reasons:
  1. We get quite a lot of pictures sent to in, whilst we would love to post them all we are also conscious of not bombarding our followers with the same image again and again and again.
  2. We've just posted a similar image sent in by someone else.
  3. We're only human and sometimes we forget or get lazy or start eating a samosa.
Q:  Why don't you follow me on Twitter/Instagram?
A: We are always happy to follow you back on Twitter and Instagram but I won't actively follow you back if your account is set to private if you would like us to follow you then let us know!

Q: Dude, this is fake! you are making these account names up! I've clicked on a user you tagged in on Instagram/twitter and they don't exist!
A: Nope, we're not making users up.  We get sent pictures from a variety of sources such as Twitter, Email, Facebook and Instagram. There's no way for us to keep track of all the different accounts from all our followers so we'll tag your username from the account you send in the picture.  We agree it's not the best solution but it's the only one we have.  Users from Facebook will have their name next to the picture rather than an ID. If you don't want us to post your name then that's cool too, just let us know!