At Look! A Singh! We post photos of Turban wearing Sikhs that have been seen in media, usually terrestrial TV and Print (no Singhs in real life please!)

If you have seen a Singh on television or print then there are many ways you can send a photo to us:

1. Twitter Twooter - I have Twitter in my pind and it's the best way to send me a picture - @LookASingh

2. Facebook Wala - You can post a picture to my wall or private message my page - 

4. Instagraming - Post a picture to Instagram and tag @LookASingh

5. If you don't have social media then you can do the emailing to me. Please email

6. Chiri Mail - So far I've not received any pictures via Chiri mail (I think the Chiri ended up at my Chacha's house in Phagwara), so please don't send by Chiri.

Thank you.
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